Hello, visitors! My name is Mila Belcheva. I am a Bulgarian-born classic ballet dancer, pop and choir singer, photo model, and a published essayist with an affinity for storytelling.

I am also a contributor of Falchion Publications, a fascinating cross-disciplinary-cross-cultural online enterprise,  featuring a blend of original fiction and poetry, essays, original art, fashion, current events, culture, film and theater, music and dance, travel, politics and political satire, science and technology, and more.

Join me as I take you to my beautiful world of music, dance, and fashion!




 I was four when I picked up the piano and later – the guitar as well. Music keeps me afloat. It ignites my creative spark when I need inspiration, fuels me with energy when I am low and brings me peace when I need to de-stress.

Six years old behind the piano 🙂


Performing with Shumen's Philharmonics
Performing with Shumen’s Philharmonics

An avid pop and jazz fan, I went for a first time on stage as a participant in the Master Class of contemporary pop singer and X Factor judge Maria Ilieva. She was one of the first, who pointed out that I should pursue music and the arts.

With pop star and Bulgarian "X Factor" judge Maria Ilieva
With pop star and Bulgarian “X Factor” judge Maria Ilieva

In the subsequent years I took part in two more musical Master Classes (of music legends Orlin Goranov and Etien Levi) and became a pop and jazz student at the Shumen School of Arts.

With musician Etien Levi and her pop and jazz pedagogue Ralitsa Krumova in 2013
With musician Etien Levi and pop and jazz pedagogue Ralitsa Krumova in 2013

In 2011 I was invited by conductor Slavil Dimitrov to join his Simeonis Choir. Together with Simeonis, we brought home several trophies, including two international second-place awards from Turkey and Macedonia, respectively.

Second on the left, performing with Simeonis Choir in Macedonia

Throughout the years I have had the unique chance to sing alongside few of the best Bulgarian musicians, including Iliya Angelov, composer Mitko Shterev, and Orlin Goranov, with whom I performed a duet in 2015.

Performing with Orlin Goranov


Performing with singer Ilia Angelov and legendary composer Mitko Shterev.
Performing a duet with singer Ilia Angelov and composer Mitko Shterev, members of the legendary Bulgarian group “Diana Express.”


My love affair with one of the most beautiful art forms began when I was five. What initially started as a therapeutic decision over the years evolved into a deep and abiding passion.

Mila dancing ballet
Mila performing to John Williams’ “Schindler’s List” at an International Dance Contest in 2014

Together with my troupe we hold numerous national and international ballet awards and  I won a third-place award for my solo dance to John William’s “Shindler’s List” at an international ballet contest.

Mila - ballet troupe
Having fun with my favorite ballet troupe (first on the left)

 In 2015 I was awarded a special diploma for “Contributions to the Development of the Ballet Art in the City of Shumen.”


My journey into the world of fashion began in 2011 when I was noticed by acclaimed photographer Lyubomir Sergeev and included in his Dubai calendar. Several subsequent photo sessions followed (below in 2010), including Sergeev’s annual “Photo Vacation.”

Mila-Lyubomir Sergeev
Photo by Lyubomir Sergeev


With photographer Lyubomir Sergeev in 2015

Over the years I had the chance to work with some of the best photographers of Bulgaria, including Lyubomir Sergeev, Julian Nedev, Plamena Mileva, Ivaylo Sakelariev and many others.

Photo Vacation Workshop 2015, Photographer:
Photo Vacation Workshop 2015; Photographer – Stoyko Popovsky

 I  currently represent the coffee brand Modera, fashion house Daytona, fashion house Alegra, wedding boutique Bulka, make-up artist Plamena Mileva, fashion house Dafne, and the French cosmetics brand Gilles Ray 75.

Representing fashion house "Alegra" Photographer: Plamena Mileva
Representing fashion house “Alegra”; Photographer – Plamena Mileva


 I love spreading the word and writing about music, dance and fashion. I share my passions with the world as a lifestyle and art blogger and I also appeared on numerous TV and radio shows as a guest speaker.

Mila as radio guest
Chatting about music and dancing at Shumen’s radio station


In a traditional Bulgarian costume hosting a cultural high-school event


In August 2015 I was invited by Daniela Ruseva – a human rights lawyer and the regional leader of political party “Reformation Block” (currently one of the two Bulgarian parties in parliament) to join the list of candidate-members of Shumen’s City Council.
Daniela Ruseva:“A number of reasons have fostered my decision to invite Mila, including her impressive achievements for someone so young, her fresh vision about the development of Shumen and the place of the young people in it, as well as her ability to attract people for just about any cause.”


(Below: The Reformation Blok’s list of candidate-members of the City Council. I am the lucky No 17).


Running for Shumen’s City Council under number 17

I dedicated my campaigning to Shumen’s youth, raising questions about youth employment and job opportunities in Shumen adequate to one’s education. I also had the opportunity to speak with businesses and organizations about Shumen’s economic and cultural development and, along with other candidate-members, drafted a plan for preserving Shumen’s long-lasting arts tradition.

With other candidate-members meeting with the director of Shumen’s aluminum factory, Mr. Fikret Indzhe.


During my final year at school I had the honor to be elected a member of Interact Club (the Youth Rotary Club). There we immersed ourselves in volunteer community work, holding meetings and organizing various events on the territory of Shumen.


One of the best experiences for me was an Easter event that we organized at the Center for Children with Mental Disabilities. I met a lot of talented children there and together we painted more than 60 eggs for the upcoming Easter. Additionally, we organized a lot of fun games for both the kids and their parents. The day before Easter we organized an open bazaar in Shumen’s beautiful City Garden. Each of us made some delicious biscuits, cupcakes and little wishes stuffed in empty eggs, which we sold for charity.



Easter bazaar

1509661_874156879289246_5782686259063903021_n 10365822_874157219289212_8115438303713814697_n

Working with all of these amazing children was a pivotal moment for me. I was extremely moved by their ardent desire to live fully and try new things, as well as by their sincere curiosity and optimism. It made me reflect on my own life journey and everything I have taken for granted. It was right at this moment I knew that I will always strive to help and better the lives of those in need.

Another favorite initiative of Interact was “Let’s clean Bulgaria in one day,” which was part of the annual, national bTV event by the same name. My town is known for its wonderful plateau where people can relax, exercise and be in harmony with the nature. We decided to take charge and clean the polluted areas of the park. It turned into a fun game, so after few hours of cleaning we had a sport tournament and made a delicious picnic. Yummy….


Working at Rotary increased significantly my social awareness. It also helped me formulate clearly my purpose in life – to effect principled change through art and creativity, leadership, and ethical business and cultural initiatives. Finally, it helped me connect with great people, find peers with similar goals and pursuits, and make some lifetime friends! Go Interact!



To view my complete list of honors and accolades, please go  here.

Receiving a medal from Shumen’s mayor Krasimir Kostov

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  1. Hey, Mila you’ve done such remarkable things in such a short time according to your age. I’m so impressed. I see that you are very interesting person, gifted with beauty and intelligence that are so rare these days. Keep goin’ , girl.

  2. All these achievements, all these work and efforts, all this beauty..it’s adorable, and for some maybe even seems frightening, as an honour not everybody is worthy of.
    I wish you not to stop doing what you are doing and to keep bringing all kinds of good and beauty into this world. But I mostly wish you to keep the purity of your heart and the clarity of your mind no matter how many bad or good things happen to you during the course of your life. I believe in you, Mila 😉

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